Threeshires Exmoor Ponies

September 1984 saw the arrival of the first Exmoor at Manor Farm, a ten year old ridden gelding, Frithesden Sinbad, purchased from Miss Pat McElligot of Potten End, Herts, closely followed in Jan 1985 by two youngsters Frithesden Tilly and Frithesden Toby. Toby was broken and gave many years of pleasure before his untimely death due to colic, but it was Tilly who lead to the establishment of the Threeshires herd of Exmoors. In 1990 she had her first foal, Threeshires Apollo 187/1 who went to Germany as a stallion in 1993.

In 1996 we purchased Knightoncombe Goldcrest H8/77, bred by the late Mrs Creenagh Mitchell thus completing the small breeding herd of Tilly, her second foal Threeshires Virtue 187/2 and a mare Knightoncombe Tapestry purchased from Creenagh Mitchell in 1989. From these mares we have bred over 40 foals, some who have remained at Manor Farm, whilst most have been sold.

Throughout the last 25 years we have shown with some success, but mainly to fly the flag for the breed and to meet with other Exmoor owners and of course for fun.

In 2009 Threeshires Arminda 187/7 took the title 'Exmoor Pony of the Year', while last year 2011, her half sister Threeshires Zanatan 187/32 took the top international prize in the new and growing sport of Horse Agility, showing the versatility of Exmoor Ponies.